WELCOME to the inaugural Lagomarsino Piano Studio website!!  It's going be a great communication tool--and I hope both you and your child/children will visit it at least once a week. 

This site is focused on my studio and you will notice that student pictures have been posted without names.  This will be fun for the students to see themselves and remember those events in which their picture was taken.  In fact, please look at the photos you've taken and send them to me.  The more updated content, the better this site will be!

And speaking of updating, there will be educational videos that will be of benefit to you and your family in the “Enrichment” section.  In some cases, I may have a video of a student performer.  Many of the videos will be supplied by  "Piano Explorer"  that I send home monthly with your child/children.

I will be writing comments to your child/children about their lessons---only the child who logs on (and his/her parents) will be able to see these comments.  It is not public in any way.  One of my critical requirements is that this site be extremely safe , private, and a great educational place for you and your child.  That is why I chose Music Teacher's Helper to be the sponsor of this website.  As we both become more familiar with this website--the calendar feature, bill reminders, announcements, individual feedback from lessons, etc., the value of this tool will really expand.

THANK YOU for taking the time to look through all the pages.  Please let me know if you see any problems or if you feel something is missing.  I truly welcome your feedback!